Nikodemus Siivola

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hacking, May 8th 2012

This isn't Madeira proper yet, but something small and useful on it's own, I hope: MADEIRA-PORT.

Main feature is :MADEIRA-PORT ASDF component class:

(defsystem :foo
  :defsystem-depends-on (:madeira-port)
  :serial t
  ((:file "package")
   (:module "ports"
    ((:madeira-port "sbcl" :when :sbcl)
     (:madeira-port "ccl" :when :ccl)
     (:madeira-port "ansi" :unless (:or :sbcl :ccl))))
   (:file "foo")))

The :WHEN and :UNLESS options support an extended feature syntax, which allows things such as:

(:find-package :swank)
(:find-function #:exit :sb-ext)

This extended feature syntax is also accessible by calling EXTEND-FEATURE-SYNTAX at the toplevel, after which regular #+ and #- readmacros will also understand it — but unfortunately they will also lose any implementation specific extensions in the process.

Happy Hacking!