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What SBCL + Quicklisp tutorials would you like to see? #
hacking, October 13th 2010

With the coming of Quicklisp, the ultimate library manager for Common Lisp, I've decided to write a small series of SBCL + Quicklisp tutorials aimed at relative beginners.

However, I'm not sure if I have a good grasp of the kind of tutorials that are most needed.

My initial plan looks something like this, getting maybe one or two out per week after Quicklisp comes out of beta:

  • Getting Your Environment Up. (SBCL, Quicklisp, Slime, Paredit, and Emacs.)

  • Quick Goofing Around & Hello World.
  • How To Hack Lisp With Slime.
  • Serving a Webpage.
  • Scraping a Webpage.
  • Hooking Up Postgres.
  • Hooking Up SQLite.
  • Drawing Pretty Pictures.
  • Crunching Numbers.
  • From EUC-JP to UTF-8.

So, without further ado, a quick survey: (If you're eg. reading this on Planet Lisp and don't see the survey below, go here.)