Nikodemus Siivola

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SBCL 1.0.48 released #
hacking, May 10th 2011

It's been a while since I last summarized SBCL status, so here's my five favorite changes in the 1.0.43-1.0.48 range (out of over 100 user-visible ones).

  • Better toplevel form reporting from eval, ie. no more "in: LAMBDA NIL" in compiler notes.
  • Faster slot-value in the presence of slot-value-using-class.
  • Optimized constructors can be used for make-instance in the presence of slot-value-using-class and initialize-instance :around methods.
  • Support for ~/ and ~user/ in pathnames.
  • A number of improvements to compile-time typechecking and derivation, eg. full warnings for violating a proclaimed ftype.

Additionally, if you're feeling the least bit adventurous, the current devhead adds source-locations for code loaded as source — with it M-. can take you to functions defined in your initialization files, etc.